Sexual Intelligence in Business

Sexual Intelligence In Business

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Gender and sexual relations have been boiling up in business and the workplace for some time. After the #metoo movement, the situation is even more tense, muddy and confusing. For centuries, we have tried to keep sex relegated to the conjugal bed and the taboo underground. When in reality, it's everywhere and in everyone. 


By learning about our Sexual Intelligence in Business, we can better navigate this environment, flip the script on sex, start celebrating pleasure, and learn how our sexual energy can enhance and 10x our careers and business! 


In Sexual Intelligence in Business, Bobbi Bidochka dives into topics that live at the intersection of sex and business, such as:

  • Power

  • Sex

  • Workplace affairs

  • Identity

  • Negotiation

  • Consequences of the #metoo movement


And provides a framework on how to navigate these situations


For too long, women have been accused of being manipulative femme fatales if their sexuality was too obvious. For men, we now assume they are one sex joke away from sexual harassment and sexual violence.

Written with both tongue & cheek humor and academically researched data, Bobbi empowers everyone with information, strategies, and tools on how to navigate these landmines, overcome issues and concerns, take power and control and make fully sanctioned choices in their lives. 

ask yourself...

Are you in control of your own body?

Or do you let others and society make the decisions for you?

Do we have agency over our own sexual expression, sexual identity and sexual energy?

Would you like to increase your creativity and productivity?

Are you holding on to antiquated views on sex because it's easier and more comfortable?

Alain de Botton, a Swiss-born British philosopher, and author wrote that love has a history, and we ride – sometimes rather helplessly – on its currents. Is it that simple?

To delve into today's issues surrounding sex, the conundrum of what is acceptable,

and if sex and business can mingle together in the boardroom,

let's revisit the recent history of love, sex, and culture.

now, read the book.

"People need to love and be loved—sexually and non-sexually—by others. In the absence of these elements, many people become susceptible to loneliness, social anxiety, and depression that could affect their working life."

-Dr. Nick Drydakis
Bobbi Bidochka

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