Advocate, speaker, entrepreneur, mother of two, and accidental author of Sexual Intelligence in Business - Bobbi felt compelled to write this book in response to the new obstacles we all face in a #metoo era and what appears to be a new form of sexual repression surfacing.

Eternally outspoken, she was inspired by Women and Gender Studies at university and her lived experience building a business in a male dominated sector. Earning a degree in Political Science affords her a diverse lens to view the world and how people, institutions, organizations make decisions and navigate power relations. Bobbi is a strong advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion, and co-founded WIN4Science, to encourage young female scientists to remain in academia. 


Bobbi has worked in nearly every sector, industry, corporate, non-profit, government, arts, academia, startup, and venture capital and acquired education from over six institutions in areas of humanities, finance, arts, and social enterprise. This gives Bobbi a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience that is extremely unique...oh the stories she tells! Taking this expertise and insights, Bobbi created imagine ideation, a firm that moves ideas forward by connected experiences and ecosystem diplomacy. With such an intensely varied background, she is able to facilitate discussions between sectors and disciplines that may not normally understand each other. As a natural networker and connector, Bobbi participates as a mentor to startups, taking on board member and advisory roles. 


There is much to accomplish in this world, and it is important to Bobbi that she makes a positive contribution to society and that her work has an impact. Bobbi believes strongly that Love, Sex, Power, and Business are the engines that drive everything. We cannot separate these primal components. As a girl from Saskatchewan, Bobbi hopes that her legacy and contribution to society will reflect her efforts in breaking down sexual taboos. As a change agent and a fierce sex-positive advocate, Bobbi is fighting for a sex-friendly world, one opinion at a time.


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How dare Bobbi criticizes the #metoo movement? One thing is for sure, whenever she discusses these topics with people individually behind closed doors, people agree. At the same time, there's a fear of speaking publicly. Bobbi feels compelled to bring this controversial subject into public discourse because sex and business (i.e., money) are arguably two of the most critical aspects of the current human existence and are not going anywhere anytime soon.

As there are various topics with rich content that Bobbi shares with audiences through a mix of her professional research, fresh ideas, deep expertise, and humor, she merges energy and enthusiasm to empower and encourage any audience. While Bobbi routinely delivers custom content, her most popular controversial topics include - 

  • power relations;

  • patriarchy; 

  • sexism; 

  • erotic capital; 

  • sexual transmutation;

  • slut-shaming; 

  • workplace affairs;

  • how looks matter;

  • a critique on the #metoo movement and how this has affected women's career advancement;

  • issues - masculine identity, confusion on what to say, and their worries about false accusations and career destruction.


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"Sex can be associated with achievement, but there is a lack of discussion about this, particularly among women. There are very few prominent public examples of women using their sexual energy professionally and least to what they are willing to admit."

-Bobbi Bidochka,
Author, Speaker, Advocate

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